Plato on Fear

(This lovely card can be found here:

I took this photo in the old barn of my family’s ranch in South Texas.

Plato (428-7 BC- 348-7 BC)
Plato connected a line of important classical philosophers as the student of Socrates and the subsequent teacher of Aristotle. He founded the first institution of higher learning in the western world- the Academy in Athens- and laid the foundations of western philosophy and science. Some say he received his name Plato from the breadth of his eloquence, or the width of his forehead. Another legend regarding bees landing on his infant lips indicates the sweetness of style he would be known for in philosophy. Plato described the material world as merely an image or copy of the unseen world of forms, which can only be perceived by reason. He espouses the beliefs that good character is a gift from the gods, art is divinely inspired and that the soul is immortal, and derides those who think something has to be tangible to be real. One of his more well known theories revolves around the tripartite class system of the workers, the guardians, and the philosopher kings. A total of thirty-six dialogues and thirteen letters are attributed to Plato, though some are disputed by modern scholars. His influence on the western world and its philosophies, sciences, history, and religions is truly incalculable.


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